Motoreta and Young Double AW14 - Mad about Monochrome

I am partial to a little monochrome now and again. Ok. Maybe most (all) of the time perhaps. Who am I kidding! Black and white is everything to me in both fashion and interiors. These colour’s don’t need to shout out for attention and I like that. Subtlety. The architecture that is way more interesting and you are then forced to look at the details. The silhouettes. The fabric. The fit. And suddenly fashion becomes intelligent. I like that. Nicolas Ghesquiere final collection for his reign at Balenciaga was all about that. Shapes. Sigh. I wanted every piece of that capsule. I managed to get me that incredible ruffle skirt and top which I will cherish for my whole life. He is my hero. And now I have new hero’s in Kids fashion including Motoreta Kids and Young Double (Aka Roxanna / Naked Lunge) who experiment with shapes, design and craftsmanship and delivering super fash pieces for your littles.

Motoreta AW14 has blown me away. Every single dress in their new season has a form I only wish I could find for myself to wear! Tulip shapes, balloon silhouettes and ruffles. Wearing these with a pair of worn in converse or incredible black Mary Janes will provide a polished but fashionable edge.

Coupled with the hat of the season…. These Young Double exclusive hats for Abacus Kids have made my heart skip a beat. I am a HUGE fan of hats! Like have a ridiculous obsession. Collecting quirky and fashionable pieces over the years these are the perfect addition to any girls’ wardrobe. These cat ear hats come in two shapes and are the perfect Halloween accessory.

So we dressed up, went out and enjoyed this monochrome madness! It is about as close to Halloween dressing as we will get! I mean.. witches etc… I think that is cute and all but … lets be real.. there is more to Halloween that meets the eye! Think outside the square and dress up how you want too!

For more info check out:

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