Sons and Daughters - Kinda Something like this ...

Sometimes when you find something you love there are just no words.

This is how I feel about the ‘sons + daughters’ brand.

Even when given an opportunity to style this eyewear I couldn’t even describe where my thoughts were heading with my vision. But my mood board was instinctive from the moment I opened the most incredible packaging of chartreuse neon cases. My heart was a flutter. After working in fashion for over 15 years I knew this collection ‘Class of 2014’ was one of the finest I have seen in a very long time. My mind was in overdrive from a styling perspective and the possibilities were endless however I wanted to try create something magic, capturing the playful elements and contemporary edgy side to these insanely cool specs. So first came this which quickly led to that…

And before I knew I had my series of pics which ended up … kinda something like this.

Still no words.

I hope you enjoy!

All Eyewear Sons and Daughters refer to web site for stockists. New collection will be available soon.

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