Printebebe - The story of a girl


Whilst I am a grunge girl this doesn’t mean I don’t do pretty. Actually, one of my favourite items of clothing is a floor length bohemian Isabel Marant paisley print dress which I wear with my Dr Martens and a denim jacket tied around my waist. Wearing pretty is so versatile these days it doesn’t have to be literal. Mix it up with fedora hat, high top sneakers and killer handbag and voila you have taken pretty to pretty damn amazing.

Isabel Marant is definitely a woman’s wear designer who balances femininity with edgy flawlessly and I look to her to keep my pretty in check. For all you mamas out there.

For the children, applying this style is even more relaxed. Knee high socks in a bold print (stripe or polka dot), some suede moccasins boots and fun accessories such as hats and bags take it from too cute to way chic.  

‘Printebebe’ is my pick for a brand to get to know and watch. It is an Australian brand founded and designed by talented Bondi-based Fiona Kowalski (who worked for Vogue and Madison for 15 years). So you know the pedigree is admirable and you can count on Fiona to deliver the perfect amount of pretty in subtle hues of mints, mauves, taupes and greys.

Gorgeous smock-style blouses in divine prints mixed back with basic bloomers, a drop-crotch pant (plenty of nappy room) or an easy drawstring skirt. Perfect shaped dresses come in a range of short and long sleeves, making them great for sun cover as well as layering beautifully over skinny tees and tights come winter. The range caters for girls 3 months to 5 years (with a small range for boys too).

Easy styles work with wiggling bodies and there is nothing like a print to cover a multitude of food messes. Fiona has combined her love of fashion, prints and her young daughter to produce a range that is both beautifully pretty and very practical. 'All our styles can be played in, slept in, eaten in and they still look good on the other side,’ Fiona says. All these mini prints mix together fabulously and look so pretty on young girls. ‘I love children to look like children.’ 

So here are a sample of our picks from the current collection. I am so excited to be able to share this brand. It truly is a favourite and I hope you enjoy our little series from ‘This is the story of a girl’.

All clothing Printebebe  

Sophie’s and Lila’s Moccasins

Sophie’s hat Country Road

Sophies tights Mini Rodini

Lila’s mouse ears Maison Michel

Maileg Bunny from My Messy Room

Mila’s socks April Showers

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