Caroline Bosmans AW14 - The Innovator

With a background in Fashion buying and management I have been surrounded by new labels, design and fashion product every single day. They come thick and fast and most disappear or don’t have that cache to make a real impact. To innovate. To lead the industry and path the way for a revolution. So much of the same is seen and true artists are as rare as an authentic 2.55 chanel bag.

Stumbling across Caroline Bosmans on Instagram when she first started back at a couple of hundred followers on instagram I instinctively knew she was from another world. Beating to another frequency and vibrating at a level I have seen only in women’s high end fashion by the greats. Commes, Marni, Balenciaga, Margiela.   

They don’t ever worry about what others are doing. They create a world that others want to be a part of. They push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. Caroline Bosmans is in this league of the greats.

There is intelligence in her design that I gravitate toward. Well maybe it’s her mind. She is after all a physiotherapist also who had a change of heart and studied at the Fashion Academy. I had a similar story. A bachelor of Commerce Law practicing for 7 years turned Fashion Stylist/editor. So I respect anyone who follows their dreams and passions over a monetary full filing but for me soul destroying career.

Her intelligence compounded with creative ingenuity won CB the ultimate fashion award at Playtime Paris by Milk Magazine cementing, as if it wasn’t already, she is here and someone to watch. Oh I was watching alright.. from the absolute beginning.  

Her designs are becoming future classic and have a CULT following .. soon to be traded on ebay for double the price due to world-wide sell outs.  

For anyone who knows fashion and breathes it, this brand is it. On her IG page she once posted a quote, ‘you can tell if it’s a good collection if people are afraid of it. In ten years everyone will love it’. I salute this woman.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from AW14. ps. I have seen SS15 and if you think this is good..... oh boy. 

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All clothes and Pom Pom Hat by Caroline Bosmans

Lemon Donut Pants by Bandit Kids

Polka Dot Pants by Bobo Choses

Sunglasses XO 

Sunglasses Black Cage House of Holland 

Grey Socks Loud Apparel via