Bella and Lace X Curated By - Modern Day Wonder Woman

Because girls are superheros too. Like for real.

And it’s all the more fun when you can add some wings, feathers and a superhero crown. Just so people don’t forget who we really are. You know.. the fairy godmother; the make it happen lady; always with a smile on our face (sometimes with a martini in the hand); the first to wake up and last to go to bed; the make pancakes on a Friday night lady when all you want to do is watch some bad reality TV; the dance to Taylor Swift album type on demand anytime/anywhere with my babes (ok, Taylor is actually my hero right now so this is all me guys); the get to 3 different drop off points in the morning and successfully get a soy latte for oneself all by 8.30am (#BOOM).

I am surprised we are not an urban myth actually.

So this is to celebrate each of us. And how we really should be dressing every day to remind everyone just how awesome we are #evenwiththelackofsleepandnewwrinkles #desperatelyneedapeel #yikeshashtagsdontworkhere #oksoineedsleeptooigetit

P.S She actually wore this to the supermarket.  

Best. Outfit. Ever. 

Vintage Wonderwoman Outfit and Crown from